Relationship Advice: Stop the Negativity and Build a Better Relationship

New love seems to cradle and carry couples for a time—magnifying all that is good about your partner and your future together. We now know that relationships go through a series of phases over the years—some that can challenge the very bond that holds you together.

It’s interesting how people describe their new partner to friends and family, and how these perceptions can change over time. Unfortunately, some of the very traits that initially draw people to one another are the same traits that are later perceived as problematic. Here are some I’ve heard over the years:

Left column is an early perception of one’s partner; Right column is same trait later perceived much differently:


“Expressive”…………………………………………”Overly talkative”

“Exuberant”…………………………………………”Highly emotional”

“Passionate”…………………………………………”Down-right opinionated”

“Pensive”.…………………………………………….”Self-absorbed; unyielding”

“Easy-going”…………………………………………”Naïve; immature”

“Carefree”…………………………………………….”Ditzy; uncaring”

“Serious”……………………………………………..”Stern; unfeeling”

“Driven”………………………………………………”Rigid; obsessed”

Why this is the case is up for debate. One thing is for certain:

Negative feelings are more salient and linger longer than positive feelings. These negative feelings have a profound influence on your perceptions of others—especially your spouse or partner.

If I asked you to quickly recall something positive that happened to you over the last several months or something upsetting that happened, it’s likely that you’d have quicker mental access to the painful or upsetting experience.

What does any of this have to do with your marriage or relationship?

If you do not actively work on acknowledging and cherishing the positive aspects of your marriage or relationship, sooner or later the negatives will grow like a cancer and take over.

Negative feelings act like a negativity magnet that seeks similar energy. So when you’re in a bad mood, or feeling down about something, you are more likely to ignore positive experiences, while highlighting all that’s wrong with life. When you’re in a bad mood, relatively neutral circumstances can even be perceived with a biased, negative slant.

While your thoughts influence your emotions, your emotions also influence your thoughts and perceptions.

This is why it’s important for couples to cool off after an argument before trying to come to some resolution. If not, negative feelings on both sides will continue to create biased perceptions and everything that you don’t like (or can’t stand) about your partner will scream for attention.

Rule of thumbYou cannot hold opposing thoughts about your spouse or partner at the same time. At any particular moment you might think he’s either a total jerk or Mr. wonderful—but he can’t be both at the same time.

So when you work on creating more mental space for positive thoughts about your partner, less room exists for negativity. And when you work on focusing on the positive aspects of your relationship (and your life), you elevate your mood and you will be more likely to overlook (or at least not harp on) certain flaws that exist in your partner.


A fight that could have escalated—meet Eric:

Like all of us, Eric gets into arguments with his wife, Brianna, from time to time. And like all of us, he feels righteous and justified in his position during conflict and sees his wife as unreasonable. But Eric fell upon a simple yet powerful way to overcome the toxic effects that can linger after an argument—he was able to shift his mood and create a positive state of mind and before he knew it, the argument didn’t drive his reactions.

After a spat one evening, the couple went to sleep angry at each other. Before work the next morning Eric kept reviewing the argument in his mind and worked himself up all over again—while brushing his teeth he drew up his mental blueprints for a grudge that would probably last the entire day: the silent treatment, followed up by eye rolling, a few sighs and some door-slamming thrown in for effect.

Before heading out the door, Eric checked his email and watched a short, funny video a friend had sent. Five minutes later, he was laughing and in a good mood. The argument with Brenda was the furthest thing from his mind. But a few minutes later he began thinking about the argument again and he could immediately feel his good mood exit.

Eric had two choices at this point:

Ruminate about the argument and continue to feed his negative mood


Work toward maintaining and further elevating his positive mood

Eric decided on that second option. He was able to stop his ruminations about the argument by watching the amusing video one more time.

As Eric later described, “At that moment everything felt different and the heaviness I was feeling lifted.”

With good mood in hand, he was surprised to find that he wanted to make things better with Brianna. When your mood is elevated, you’ll be more motivated to create and nurture experiences that feed your positive feelings. So before heading off to work, Eric apologized to his wife for his share of unreasonableness and things were back to normal in their relationship.

Are you ready to follow Eric’s lead and create an atmosphere of positivity in you marriage or relationship?

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A Recession Shouldn’t Rule your Life – 5 Tips to Overcome Your Feelings of Insecurity

While our economy may be experiencing a recession, it doesn’t mean that your mind and spirit need to fall into a slump as well.  I know it’s difficult sometimes; especially if you’re a worry wart, who constantly tunes into the six o’clock news to get status reports on the state of the Union. Put that aside for a moment.  I want you to focus on you.  Throw away the external components of the world and take a long look at your life.

What are you doing to make your life more bearable; and beyond that, what are you doing to create happiness in your life? Following are five tips to overcome your feelings of insecurity in these sometimes stressful times:

1. Don’t make mountains out of mole hills. Many times, we become our worst own enemy because we begin to exaggerate our challenges. It’s easy to do when you allow yourself to become overwhelmed to the point of no return.  I imagine Chicken Little felt that way when he automatically assumed that the sky was falling.  Before you jump to extreme conclusions about your situation, you need to take a step backward and put your mind on rewind for a moment. Relax. Take different perspectives of your present condition.  Ask yourself:

What options do I have at this point?
What talents, tools, or skills do I have at my disposal?
What are my goals?
What goals are achievable?
What plan of action do I have to achieve these goals?

After you’ve asked yourself these questions, I want you to take out a journal, notebook, or paper pad – whatever you have at your disposal; and begin jotting down ideas and answers to those questions.  When you use your intuitive powers, you will be amazed at the resolutions you can come up with on your own. It’s really not rocket science; you just have to use your inner wisdom and god-given abilities to make lemonade out of lemons.

2. Embrace the challenge. How often have you been asked to perform a task that you thought was humanly impossible?  Actually, there aren’t too many things we humans can’t do in life.  It all depends on the mentality we have, and how we perceive the challenge to be. I know you’ve heard the old adage about the two individuals looking out of the same window: one sees the darkness, the other the stars. What do you see when you look out your proverbial window of life? Do you see darkness cloaking your view, or do you see the light from the stars to light your way?

When faced with challenges, rise to the occasion.  That means you’re going to have to put some effort behind your motivation.  Anyone can talk the talk, but you have to walk the  walk to get anywhere in life.  If you are facing a crisis, I want you to use all of your senses – including your intuitive perception. What does this remarkable sense have to do with your ability to embrace challenge?  When you are fully in tune with your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual nature of life, you can see more clearly, achieve balance, and pave the way through the darkness to achieve a positive outcome.

3. Don’t toss out the baby with the kitchen sink. Do what? How many ideas and plans do you have? Have any of them worked for you in the past?  If not, why not? You see, too often we have great ideas but because they didn’t work in the past, we simply give up on them. Don’t do it. Instead of focusing on your failures, I want you to focus on your success. But if I didn’t succeed in the past, why should I try again, you ask? When at first you don’t succeed – try, try again. Remember the story about The Little Engine that Could?  Become that motivated engine and redraft your plans and ideas so you can get them right.  You may just have to tweak this or that to make it work for you.  If you’ve failed in the past, reflect on that failure and use the experience and knowledge you’ve gained from that occurrence to redirect your energy and action.

4. Listen for opportunity. Opportunity constantly knocks in your life, are you listening? I don’t ever get an opportunity, my life is full of misery – you say? Well, if you continue to think that way, I can guarantee that you won’t have any opportunities.  By thinking negatively, you are blocking the Universal flow of energy and disrupting the natural pattern of positive vibrational flow.

I wonder if Benjamin Franklin ever thought, ‘No, I can’t tie the key to the kite string because it won’t work.’ Franklin believed in his experiment, and because he felt confident, he was able to prove the theory of the identity of lightning and electricity. You are an incredible being, as unique as each hair on your head. What are you going to do to make a difference in your life and the world? Hone in on your inner wisdom to fully hear and see the rewards that life is offering you.  Rest your mind and your soul so you can truly get a birds-eye view on the opportunities that exist in your present pathway. I promise you, opportunities are waiting to be discovered if you only open your mind.

5. Gain clarity in your life by developing your intuitive powers. By now you already know that your intuitive powers are key to overcoming your insecurities and achieving greatness in your life; but you must first fine-tune your intuition so you can gain clarity in your life. Today, there are many ways to empower your intuition and make it work dramatically for you. Some of those ways are through meditation, strategic visioning, and thru the Manifestation Method.  In addition, there are a lot of guided meditation CDs that can help you create balance in your life so you can gain insight into what you need to do overcome your anxiety and fears to achieve success.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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A Recession Shouldn’t Rule your Life – 5 Tips to Overcome Your Feelings of Insecurity
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

Joan Marie is an Intuition Master, Business Intuitive Expert, an International Medium, Energy Healer and Past/ Present Life Regression Expert. By utilizing her special gifts, she teaches, inspires and shows people how to take responsibility for where they are today.

Joan Marie the gift also offers FREE audio coaching, FREE articles, workshops, coaching, and other resources to help individuals like you – entrepreneurs, small business owners, home makers, coaches, spiritualists and all those who want to “Create an extraordinary way to liveComputer Technology Articles, work and play.”

Purpose of Life: Are You Ready to Stop Throwing Your Life Away as You Finally Discover Your Life

If you’re wondering about the purpose of life, the easy way to solve this problem is to decide it’s time for you to seriously plan out your life’s authentic mission.

The best explanation for why a lot of people are surviving without intention is because they’ve never taken the time to plan life out. Almost all people are working at jobs or careers they “happened in to”. Almost all people are living mundane, tiresome lives without feeling the joy they should be.

Almost all people are existing with a intense feeling of trepidation or alarm instead of experiencing the true purpose of existence to have fun.

That’s right, life is indeed supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, you may have learned along the way that you were supposed to be miserable all day long. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s look at three results that come with discovering and living your Life Purpose. Then, we’ll take a look at three tactics to aid you in beginning this process.

Your Personal Philosophy

The number one advantage to discovering your own purpose of life is that you determine your Personal Philosophy. Your Personal Philosophy comes down to how you see life. It’s the paradigm through which you see the universe you live in.

This is where you jot down the morals, principles, and values by which you intend to live by. There’s a huge difference in the Life Purpose of a person valuing integrity and honesty as opposed to the person who doesn’t mind lying and cheating now and again.

Like so many others, you may very well be living a life today that doesn’t match up with your Personal Philosophy. Does your job have you performing duties that go against your principles and morals? Have you allowed a friend, family member, or spouse to steer you in directions that have you violating your values?

Getting your Personal Philosophy in focus will let you make life decisions very easily from the paradigm of principles that you hold dearly.

Your Vision

As your Life Purpose comes squarely into focus, your entire life vision changes. Instead of living life “by accident” and praying things work out, you now see clearly how each choice affects you now and in the future.

With your purpose of life mapped out, you no longer accept anything that goes against that vision and purpose. Imagine the difference in your caliber of life when you make choices based on personal truth rather than anything else society may be recommending you do.

Making a Difference

Since many people in today’s society are trapped in “survival mode”, they have relinquished all thoughts of “purpose” or living with “intention”.

However, when you decide to finally raise yourself above this and work on yourself in order to realize your Life Purpose, you’ll ascertain that your discovery of your authentic reason for being alive will end up in a life where you make a difference to those around you.

Finding your Life Purpose is marvelous. It comes with a feeling of meaning. It allows you to effect powerful change on a world in need of such a thing. It allows you to finally stop saying, “someday” and to start living “now”. You help other people “now”… you make a difference “now”.

What a beautiful way to live!

Look Within

Now that you’ve read about three of the multiple blessings you’ll get when you invest the time to find your purpose of life, let’s take a look at three steps that will help you along this journey.

The first thing you need to realize is that you’re not going to find the answers to your Life Purpose by searching outside of yourself. Just the opposite, this is when you must start finding alone time where you can focus within for the answers to your personal purpose of life.

This is a spiritual growth path as well as a personal growth process. You’re working on learning about your inner self and the lessons this higher self can teach you. You may want to invest time in learning about the many meditation methods in order to help you look within.

Focus on Your Inner Child

Going back to your childhood is a key aspect to discovering the purpose of life. There was a marvelous time at some point in your childhood when you saw life as magical, special, joyous, and amazing. This life paradigm had nothing to do with validation from others or achievement.

At one point, you were filled with joy and wonder simply for being alive. You want to get yourself back in touch with this place!

You can start this process by returning to everything you enjoyed as a child. Think about your interests, the games you loved to play, the hobbies you participated in, etc. Begin brainstorming about that which makes you joyous simply “because” and you’re getting nearer to your own purpose of life.

Write it Down

Something good happens when you decide to write down your thoughts. It becomes more real to you. It has a much larger effect on your mind than when you only think about it. Therefore, make sure you write down your innermost thoughts and feelings as you start to focus on discovering your Life Purpose.

You’ve learned three advantages of discovering the purpose of life and three tactics you can start working on your own Life Purpose. While there are literally dozens of steps necessary to work through in this processComputer Technology Articles, these three should help you get started.

6 Quick Tips to Live Your Life “On Purpose”

When it comes to living your life, there’s more than enough advice to be given (whether you want it or not). It seems everywhere we look there’s someone telling you what to do, or how not to do something.

At this point you may head over to the self-help section of the bookstore or library or start doing some research online, and what hits you is an overwhelming wave of information. It can be a little hard to deal with at first.

So I have compiled a simple, quick guide for you on taking back control of your life. These 6 tips are practical, adaptable for each person, and relevant for most situations and needs when attempting to gain control of your life!

TIP #1: Self-Discipline

I know this word strikes fear in most people’s hearts. It’s an unpopular word, but it’s something everyone needs. Nothing was ever completed without self-discipline. As soon as you make it a value in your life, your goals will come to you faster. You’ll also feel better about yourself and more accomplished. As you master self-discipline, new goals and habits won’t seem so hard to you anymore.

TIP #2: Unlock Your Unique Abilities

The next step is to figure out who you are and what special talents you bring to this world. If you’re inclined to say you don’t have any talent, you’re dead wrong. Everyone’s unique in terms of what they offer. Sometimes it’s just a little hard to see.

What is it that you do and enjoy? Are there skills, abilities and activities that come more easily to you than other people? A good tip is to reflect on comments people have mentioned to you about yourself. Maybe you have a knack for remembering people’s names, or maybe someone’s commented on your ability to be a good peace-keeper at home or work.

TIP #3: Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You won’t grow unless you force yourself to -and it’s not always going to be comfortable. In fact, some of the best personal growth comes from doing things you’re afraid of or nervous to do. Once you breach this barrier, your comfort zone will grow and grow until you can do anything.

No one has ever done a great thing without stepping out of their (self-limiting) comfort zone. What are some activities you shy away from now that would be helpful for you in your personal or professional life if removed?

TIP #4: Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve

We all want to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t. But the problem is that sometimes we set goals incorrectly. We tend to think of goals as these achievements that we can only enjoy in the future. But what about the process? Will setting Goal X benefit you right this very moment? It’s time to think of the present.

It’s not about how big the goal is, but how you perceive the goal in the present moment. Learn to enjoy the journey to achieving your goals!

TIP #5: Keep Your Energy Up

Now to do all of these steps you’re gonna need some energy! And we’re not talking about just eating a healthy breakfast. So do what you need to do to keep yourself refreshed, rejuvenated, happy, and brimming with energy. This could mean going for a jog, meditating, or recharging your batteries with a quick nap.

TIP #6: Find Your Dream Business or Career

Alright, this is where things can get a little tricky. All of the social conditioning we’ve received has been this: get a job, go to work, time = money. But that might not be so true anymore.

This tip really depends on your personality and what you want out of life. Do you want to work for someone else and be part of a company, or do you want to work for yourself? Do you absolutely dread getting out of bed every morning, or are you excited about the possibilities awaiting you today in your work or career? What interests excite you, and what topic do you talk about all the time with your friends because it’s interesting to you?

Start looking for opportunities to begin moving towards that career, or looking for ways to make money on the side to start with.

If you will take these 6 quick tips to heartArticle Submission, and inject some positive action behind them (a little every day) – you will be on the path to living your life on purpose! And doesn’t that make you feel good?

7 Hot Tips for Improving Your Life

I won’t be long-winded about this, I am going to lay down 7 simple steps to help you improve your life. It will only be a few pages long and will be a quick read. Whether you implement the steps I give you is your decision alone, they are merely suggestions you might say.
#1 This tip will seem quite obvious and simple to you, but you’ll be amazed how few actually take the effort to do it. Unless you’re not a morning person this will improve the quality of your day drastically. Setting you in a good mood to face the days challenges and adversities.
Get Up Early!
This may sound more like a way to ruin your day by putting you in an awful mood, but bear with me on this.
To be able to accomplish this and still avoid losing any any precious sleep. You can go to bed just a half hour earlier since to start with you only need to get up a half hour earlier than you usually do. To aid this purpose you should definitely use an alarm clock with persistent beeping.
You may be wondering by now just what it is that you’re supposed to do in this extra half hour when you would normally be dozing peacefully in bed.
For different people the answer can vary slightly. To start with you need to fully awaken yourself and get rid of early morning sluggishness. To suit this purpose you can take a cold or slightly cool shower. Or you might try doing stretches combined with deep breathing. Use whatever works for you. You might skip the shower if just splashing cold water on your face is sufficient to wake you.
After you’re completely alert step outside of your house, apartment, etc… And if it’s early enough and you have a clear view, watch the sunrise. This simple but immensely satisfying act will lift your spirits.
If you’re unable to do this, take a brisk walk, jog or run depending upon what you prefer and what you’re physically capable of. When you’ve been out for 20 minutes you can head inside and commence with whatever morning ritual you normally have.
#2 Now this is extremely important but deceitfully obvious. Eat Breakfast.
To start your day out on the right foot this is practically a necessity. You need the energy this will provide you with to accomplish your daily tasks. If you are overly pressed for time you might try cereal and milk or a few granola bars, even a few pieces of fresh fruit would do. Any of these are better alternatives than skipping breakfast. This is also a good suggestion for those watching their weight, because if you skip breakfast you’re more likely to binge later in the day.
#3 When you go places, even if you find it a bit difficult at first, smile more at other people. Just curve your lips up a bit as you make eye contact with another human being. It’s really that simple. This will not only lift your spirits as you see a good many people smile back, but it will lift other people’s as well. Even some of the ones who are too shy to smile back.
#4 Don’t procrastinate! The more you put something off and something else off, the more all your undesirable chores pile up until they’re an insurmountable task that would make a paid cleaning crew shudder. In fact take these chores and work them into your schedule so you will do them.
#5 If you don’t already keep either a schedule or make yourself a to-do list each night, this is your cue to start. A to-do list helps you with get things done because it gives you a urgency “must do this today” attitude. It will also help you remember things that you might have otherwise forgotten. You can put things on them that you’re afraid of forgetting, or want to make sure you make time for.
#6 This is by far the most important tip I could give you. Forgive and Forget.
Either imagined or real slights should always be forgiven, and to forget them is to not dwell on them and not remember the angry feelings if you ever look back on that moment. Let me just tell you this: Holding a grudge will not hurt the begrudged as much as it will hurt you and your personality. As well as your existing relationships. If there are any ancient or recent rifts or fights between you and a relative, friend, or spouse that are hurting your relationship or have ended it entirely, make amends.
This life is the only one you get, we’ll never know when it’ll be our or the begrudged person’s time to die, and by then it will be too late. So pick up the phone or walk up to that person and apologize, even if it wasn’t your fault. This may be the last chance you’ll get to make amends. You will be surprise at the feeling you’ll get after fixing things up between you. As if a burden has been lifted off your shoulders. This is definitely a step to improve your life.
#7 Do something kind for someone else. Today!
Not just on a birthday or anniversary, but spontaneously. Buy a rose or other flower for a friend and tell them it’s just ‘because’. Because they mean a lot to you, and because you care for them. Tell your family and friends that you love them. Offer to help a friend with a chore. Help teach a young niece/nephew, son/daughter, brother/sister, etc…. how to read or do some other “grownup” thing. Babysit for someone you know so they can have a night out. The list of things you can do is endless, and I’m sure you can procure some ideas of your own on the subject. Now for your convenience I’ve summed all seven steps:
#1 Get up early and jog or watch sunrise
#2 Eat breakfast
#3 Smile at strangers when you make eye contact
#4 Don’t procrastinate
#5 Keep a schedule or To-Do list
#6 Forgive others and Forgive past wrongs
#7 Do something for someone else
Remember it’s all up to you whether you take these steps to improve your lifeBusiness Management Articles, but improve it they will.

Meditation Tips And Its Effects On Your Life

Life can become very stressful and busy and it can cause a lot of grief and misery. But, one way to combat this stress is with meditation. The first thing to do in regards to meditation is to create an atmosphere that will be the perfect grounds for meditation. Choose a room that brings you comfort and peace. This room needs to be clean and organized, as messy rooms are often filled with things that cause more stress and a sense of being trapped or confined. Once you choose a peaceful setting, fill it with the things that make it most serene to you. For example, fill it with candles if you like the soft light and the ambience that it contributes. You can use incense, too, if the scent of it calms you.

However, if these fragrances might cause headaches or anything of that sort, be sure to avoid them so that you do not have to suffer with that, which will only make things worse for you in the end. You can use some calming music, too, that will help ease the mood and make it an even more tranquil experience. Choose songs that are soothing to you, music like Enya or songs from the Celtic regions. And also instrumental songs with rustic sounds might also contribute to a peaceful sort of mood. Once you establish a calming atmosphere, you can now begin your meditation exercises.

A lot of these exercises work well when accompanied with good and beneficial breathing techniques. Taking deep breaths in and letting them out slowly is one way of calming all of your stresses and anxieties and slowly purging all the bad feelings out from inside you. Breathe deeply in and out a few times, and be sure to take in full, complete breaths and then let it out slowly and evenly. Once you start this off, you will be ready to close your eyes and envision calming things that take you away to a place that is tranquil and peaceful. You no longer need to worry about all your burdens, if just for an hour, and you can relax and let the peaceful music and the calming setting comfort you.

The entire purpose of meditating is to bring yourself to a positive place, one that will help you achieve an inner calm and one that will somehow transform your feelings of negativity into positive and useful ones. Once you do thisBusiness Management Articles, you will find that your attitude on things begins to change. Hopefully the things that irritated or vexed you will slowly start to fall into perspective and will no longer have an abrasive effect on your nerves. Take this moment to really think about the things in your life that you want to change and see that you can change things by changing the ways that you think about them.

Meditation is a great way to bring about inner changes and a sense of social peace and tranquility. Taking some time each day to do this is a good way to feel better about yourself and the problems that you daily go through and to take a break from the stresses by enhancing your own mental well being.

Tips To Choose The Right Life Partner

Register with a reputed matrimonial site
Despite the phenomenal development of the transport and communication sectors, finding marriage partners have not become easier. To ease the search and help brides and grooms find their perfect soul mate, a lot of professionally managed matrimonial sites are doing a great job. Registering with best matrimonial sites is the key to find your marriage partner the easy way without much hassles and wasting a lot of time.

Become a paid member
Though most matrimonial sites provide free membership for those searching for marriage partners, they too offer paid memberships for a small fee. Paid members have a lot of advantages over the non-registered members as they get to access a lot of tools, features and facilities offered by these matrimonial sites. You also get to interact with the prospective matches one to one and learn more about them. Hence choosing the right marriage partner will become very easy for you through a paid membership.

Filter the search results in a smart way
Matrimonial sites have a huge data base of candidate profiles that are actively searching for their marriage partners. The huge volume of the data base makes it very difficult to search for the suitable one meeting your needs and preferences. Matrimonial sites have sophisticated filters and search options to filter the results to meet your precise needs. Hence, working with these sites has its own advantages for you. Make the right use of the available filters to narrow down the profiles that will satisfy the criteria you are looking for.

Exercise caution
Without getting to know the candidates well, it is never advisable to make any commitments that will land you on troubles. Always go through the proper channels and approach the match search a professional task which will help avoid all the risks associated with meeting new people and interacting with them. Never share your personal details to strangers or contacts about whom you do not know much.

Never compromise with your decent expectations
It is never bad to expect certain things in the life partner you will finalize. Remember that you must think of your long term goals and a happy life ahead of you. In your hurry to find your marriage partner quickly you must never compromise with your decent expectations. This will ultimately lead to dissatisfaction and even ruining your happiness and objectives of life.

Never be in a hurry
Never hurry with the search process while looking for your soul mate. Do spend some time regularly on a daily basis to streamline your search. A systematicFree Web Content, cautious and a professional approach to your life partner search will give you the best results.

Tips for A Successful Married Life

For a successful marriage, choosing the right life partner is essential. Register with good Indian Matrimonial Sites and make a thorough search for the perfect life mate. Since you have got to work with a large number of bride and groom profiles, you will be able to filter the search results as per your preferences and expectations. In this way you stand to find the most suitable life partner.

Prioritize your expectations
No option can meet 100 percent of your expectations. Hence you must be realistic in setting your preferences. List out some points you expect in your life partner. It is important to prioritize the list starting from which is the most important to the one that is least important. If the prospective life partner meets above 60 percent of the set criteria, then you must not hesitate to move with the next round of talks with the family.

Decide what to expect
Most people searching for the marriage partner are quite confused on what to expect from their life partner. Remember aspects like social status, wealth, education and career are certainly important criteria you must look into. However, there are other subtle aspects like education level, intelligence, emotional nature, tastes and levels of adjustment which you must never neglect. These are very important criteria for a happy life on a day-to-day basis.

Understand your partner
During marriage you unite with a partner who is new to you in every regard. You do not know their strengths and weaknesses. You need to know where they will adjust and where they will not. In course of your life you must discover their nature and adjust yours accordingly. This process must go on continuously till both of you settle well with each other. Once the preparedness is evinced from both sides, the pair will have fewer issues of incompatibility.

Be ready to sacrifice
A self-cantered and egoistic person can never find a happy life. Such people will find it very difficult to get along with others. Sacrifice is an important component of a happy life. Where sacrifice is missingFree Web Content, you will never find the life liveable and lovable. Hence both the life partners must be prepared to sacrifice their ego and expectations at least to some extent for the good of the marriage union. These points will ensure that you find a happy and successful married life.

5 Simple Tips to Help You Attract Money

1.    Spend Your Money – If you give freely, you receive generously. By holding onto all of your money, you are putting a block up, therefore you are not going to be attracting money. In order to attract the money you want, you need to spend a little more freely. Money was made to spend, so avoid being stingy.

2.    Visualize Having More Money – What you imagine in your mind is what determines your future. By living freely like wealthy people do you are going to help attract money to your life. This means shop at those fancy shops and stores you never thought you could. Before you can experience the good things in life, you need to believe them and visualize them. Visualizing that you have a lot of money means you are going to have that money.

3.    Nourish Your Money – People sometimes don’t know how to take care of their money and cash. If you have bills, fold them nicely, and organize your purse or wallet. Doing so will allow you to treat the money you have properly, and in turn, you will attract more money your way.

4.    Appreciate Money – Take time and appreciate all of the money you have. When you appreciate something, it appreciates you back. Seeing the good in something will return the favor. This is the law of gratitude. If you see good, you will get good in return.

5.    Always Have Cash – Rather than only having pennies and nickels in your wallet or purse, carry a hundred dollar bill as well as other bills. This is going to help attract more to your wallet over time. To attract money, againArticle Submission, you need to act as if you have it to spend. Carry credit and debit cards as well as all times.

These are a few of the many ways to attract money. Money is the key to happiness and freedom for so many people. You can do more and what you want when you have money. Learn to attract it and live the life you have always wanted to.

Positive Thinking Tips for a Better Life

You simply need to make an effort to focus on your thoughts, your actions, and your words on a regular basis. After awhile, you will find that this process becomes an involuntary habit. Positive thinking tips will tell you that being aware of your own thoughts, actions, and words is among the first steps to changing your life. You need to be aware of these things before you can change your behavior. When you find that you are thinking a negative thought or saying negative statements, you simply change your thoughts and actions in a positive manner.

Initially, you will find that your new positive outlook on life may be met with resistance by those around you. However, over time, your new outlook will have a great effect on those closest to you. You can change their mood, their thoughts, and their actions in exciting and beneficial ways. Through this contagion of mood, you will find that one day when you are feeling especially down in the dumpsHealth Fitness Articles, you have several people who are spreading positive thoughts to you and helping you to climb back up without even knowing it. Following positive thinking tips in your life can absolutely change not just your own life for the better but the lives of those around you as well!